Mitsubishi CP3800DW

* We are an authorized Mitsubishi Printer Repair Service Center *  

Service policies as of  01-Jan-2019

We service Mitsubishi Photographic Printers
CP9550DW, CP9800DW, CP9810DW, CPD70DW, CPD707DW, CP3800DW, CPD90DW, CPK60DWS

Mitsubishi CPD70DW

CP-9550DW CP-9800DW CP-9810DW CP-D70DW CP-D707DW CP-3800DW CP-D90DW CP-K60DW-S

Warranty on our repairs
  • When your printer leaves our shop, it is in perfect working order.  Test your printer as soon as you receive it.
  • Repairs are warranted for 30 days from delivery of your printer by the shipper.  No exceptions.
  • If your printer fails within the 30 day period, you must pay for shipping both ways, but there will not be any additional labor costs.  That is why it is important we know exactly what is wrong with your printer.
  • Only the parts which were part of your original repair are included in the warranty.
  • With all the new operating systems & software these days, many times the problem is with your new products and not the printer.  Test thoroughly on both your old and new systems before you send in your printer.
  • If your printer works fine in our shop but not on your equipment, we will still charge you for the repair

Computing Designs Inc. is a supplier of digital dye sublimation event printers and supplies from Mitsubishi, Shinko and more.
Products include Mitsubishi CPD70DW CPD80DW CPD707DW CP3800DW CP9810DW and CP9550DW printers,
Mitsubishi CKD746 CKD757 CKD768 CKD868 CK3810 CK3812 CK9046 CK9057 and CK9069 media.