Last updated : 14-Oct-2020
Covid-19 changes for Pick-up orders

To comply with social distancing standards, local pick up orders will change.

First, call in your order
Pay for it with a charge card
When you arrive, stay in your car
We will bring your order and receipt out to your car
if its raining, please come to the covered porch area to sign for you order

We will no longer accept checks


Computing Designs Inc. is a supplier of digital dye sublimation event printers and supplies from Mitsubishi, Shinko and more.
Products include Mitsubishi CPD70DW CPD80DW CPD707DW CP3800DW CPD90DW CPK60DWS  CP9810DW CP9550DW CPD80DW printers,
Mitsubishi CKD746 CKD757 CKD768 CKD868 CK3810 CK3812 CK9046 CK9057 and CK9069 media.
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